So at the weekend Oliver and I went to the Cat Cafe in London as a Christmas present.

We had a lovely time meeting all the cats, although we were told that that morning someone had taped a box shut with a note saying they couldn’t keep a cat any more and left it outside. This was upsetting but the cat is being looked after in the observation room.

I got the cheapest deal so we had hot chocolates and spent most of our time finding all the cats. There’s 15 in total.

The cats were all lovely and cuddly (apart from the odd one who got annoyed!) and we ended up playing with one called Rodney for a while.

All the cats are rescue ones and are sometimes rehomed. You can even adopt the cats in the cafe to support the work Lady Dinah’s does.

This is the perfect place for any cat lover to spend time with their furry pals.

There’s a cute Alice in Wonderland theme with plenty of places for the cats to sleep, eat and play.

It’s such a peaceful and queit place to be. I would definitely go back!

Until next time, love, Vee x

12 thoughts on “A Trip to the Cat Cafe

  1. Just give me that hot chocolate! Lovely place the furry pals are cute, Mr Grumpy is the cutest though. It’s sad when pets are abandoned and I am glad these cats are being looked after so well.

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  2. Do you know I wanted to go to this cafe for a while but did’t know where it is. Now thanks to you I will definitely go! This is going to be my heaven. Do they have anything vegan to go with tea?

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  3. I’m absolutely terrified of cats! So it would probably be my place of hell BUT I love the fact it’s all rescue related and you can adopt other cats but also bring them in too (as sad and awful as it is). I feel like this is a great system and I think its getting more popular as we have one in Leeds also!

    I’d be do up for a dog one but I’d probably come home with the entire shop adopted πŸ˜‚

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