Last month I hosted my first ever workshop called From Blogging To Bossing where I discussed in depth about multiple income streams and how much I make from my hustles.

Next month I’m holding two different workshops. One is How To Grow Your Instagram and the other is a more informal style Q&A where I’m asking you to bring your social media/business related questions to me. I’m hoping I can make this a monthly session where I can answer your burning questions; whether you’re curious on what hashtags to be using on Instagram, what content to be posting on Facebook or whether a new business idea fits in with your brand.

Let’s talk about my first Instagram workshop.

How To Grow Your Instagram Masterclass

I created this workshop because I see many people on my Twitter and Instagram feeds complaining about the algorithm and how they aren’t gaining followers or likes. If you’re one of these people, I recommend clicking the link below and signing up!

What Will The Workshop Teach Me?

You will learn how to gain followers using engagement techniques that I have used for years to grow my own and my client’s Instagram accounts.

I will talk about hashtags and the impact using them has on your posts as well as how to use stories to sell and reach out to others in your niche.

We will also talk about content and how to make your feed reflect your personality and brand. We will cover how often to post to your feed and stories and how much we should engage with our target audience.


Date: Monday 12th October at 6pm

Where: Private Facebook Group

Price: £10

Social Media Q&A

Whether you’re a blogger, entrepreneur, small business or someone who just wants to know more about running their socials, you will ultimately have questions regarding certain aspects of social media.

I’ve created this webinar for YOU. I know not everyone can afford a 1-1 consultation with me, so this is your way of having your questions answered on a live stream with others who are just as eager to learn!

What Is The Purpose Of The Q&A?

This event is a chance to have your questions answered. Are you struggling to come to grips with how to gain followers on Instagram? Or maybe you haven’t made sales in some time and you’re wondering how to improve your online presence. Whether you have questions relating to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube or even LinkedIn, I’m here to help!


Date: Thursday 8th October at 6pm.

Where: Private Facebook Group.

Price: Pay what you can afford.

If you’re struggling and need an extra hand in your business or with your socials, these are the perfect events to get involved in. If you don’t believe me, check out my client’s testimonial:

“I have watched Vee over the last few years grow her social media on multiple platforms organically & successfully, so when I decided I needed help with my business on Instagram she was the one I knew I could trust. She has helped me increase my followers and upped my engagement as well as help me source amazing people for my website directory.”

I can’t wait to see you there!

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