I’m Vada and I’m social media manager and consultant. I spend my days creating content for clients, holding coaching sessions and creating ebooks to help bloggers and small businesses.

I was homeschooled throughout my childhood but decided at the age of 13 to go into high school (what was I thinking?). I came out riddled with anxiety and depression. At one point I couldn’t venture out of my house without having a panic attack. Eventually, after meeting my partner, I started gaining confidence and got my life back on track.

However, there was only one problem. I was now a teen trying to figure out where I fit in in life. I had no idea what I wanted to do. I drifted through jobs, some in marketing, some in retail and waitressing. Eventually, after being bullied in several of my roles I decided to take the leap, quit my job and become freelance. I landed my first client and from then on I’ve been creating content, holding consultations and helping small business owners in every aspect of their online journey.

I started my blog several years ago. I was a marketing apprentice and when the company went into administration I missed writing. That’s how Ramblings Of A Neurotic Writer started. I’ve written book reviews, travel guides, lifestyle posts and marketing tips.

I’m eager to help small businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs in their online journey. If you’re struggling with your social media presence or business, get in touch via email at greenv745@gmail.com.

Don’t forget to follow me on socials and my blog to keep up to date with our adventures!

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