As an Instagram expert, I offer Instagram audits to assist you in making adjustments to your account. Whether you own a small business that isn’t making as many sales as others or you are a budding influencer stuck on the same follower count, I can offer advice and tips on how to change that.

With 5 years background in social media marketing and with Instagram being my specialty, I have worked with many brands such as Rich Dad Education, beauty brands, Etsy shops, bloggers and individuals.

What Is An Instagram Audit?

When I carry out an Instagram audit, I analyse your account; from the content you’re creating, the hashtags you’re using, your bio and more.

I will then make a detailed list of key points I believe you need to focus on, tips on what you could be doing to gain followers or/and sales, where you’re going wrong and how you can improve. The document will then be sent directly to your email.

What’s Included In The Audit?

  • A 30 minute Zoom/Call to discuss your account and what you need help with
  • A detailed document containing tips on how to improve your account
  • 15 hashtags specifically curated for your niche

What Will We Cover In Our Call?

  • When and how often to post
  • What content will drive impressions
  • Hashtags and how to use them effectively
  • How to gain more followers organically
  • Any other areas you need help with