I’ve always loved taking photos as I’ve grown up – catching a moment that can stay with you forever as a memory is an amazing thing. When I was younger I used to play this game where I would be enjoying myself, playing with friends or being around my parents, and I would blink really hard to try and take a photo with my eyes. I always thought I could go back to those moments if I did that – and I guess this is the reason why I’ve grown to love photography.

I bought my DSLR and set off to take photos of pets, people, nature, holidays. I’m so excited to capture moments, whether that be a candid of someone laughing or a photo of a pet for an owner to treasure forever.

I specialize in pet, portrait, nature and wildlife photography but I am open to all opportunities.

You can view more of my work on my Instagram and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re looking for a photographer.

I am based in Surrey, UK but am happy to travel with expenses being covered.

Portrait Photography

I offer portrait photography as well as headshots for creatives. If your LinkedIn picture needs updating or you’re an actor that needs professional headshots taken, we can arrange a shoot to work for you.

Pet Photography

Whether you’re looking for a memorable picture of a beloved pet or you have your own grooming business, we can arrange a shoot outside to photograph your beautiful creatures.

As well as being a photographer I also have a diploma in animal care and know how to get your pets looking lovingly into the lens!

Nature and Street Photography

In my spare time I love to visit zoos, travel and take photos of the nature surrounding us. There’s something so beautiful in capturing a leaf dancing in the breeze or a bird mid flight.