Unique Things To Do In London

Unique Things To Do In London

If you’ve been to London before, you’ll obviously be going to all the touristy places such as the London Eye, Tower Bridge etc etc. But what about unique and quirky things to do in London as a tourist? Or even as a Londoner? Here’s my ultimate list of unique things to do in London.

Lady Dinah’s Cat Cafe

Oliver and I went to Lady Dinah’s earlier in the year and we fell in love with all the cats. You can read about our experience here.

The cats are all rescue and sometimes they’re put up for adoption. Entry and a cuppa is only £10 per person so well worth it! You can read more about their prices and rules here.

The Cereal Killer Cafe

The Cereal Killer Cafe has become a really popular unique London experience with hundreds of people queuing to get inside. They have tons of stuff on their menu, from milkshakes to american cereal and more! It’s the perfect breakfast date for any tourist.

You can read more about the Cereal Killer Cafe here.

Picture from Cereal Killer Cafe’s Instagram

The Underground Supper Club

The Underground Supper Club is a unique experience to do in London, with talented chefs cooking delicious courses. Be part of a relaxed and quirky atmosphere here.

Photo from the Basement’s gallery.

The Dinosaur Park at Crystal Palace

Oliver and I went to basketball ages ago and he said he wanted to go to the Dinosaur Park in Crystal Palace. Although it’s really run down, it’s a creepy and unique thing to do in London that you would never ever think of.


Word On The Water

Word On The Water is a river boat that is also a bookstore. How cool is that?! You can look around downstairs (although mind your head) and take amazing Insta worthy photos (if no one gets in the way).


Swingers is a unique golf experience in London where you can chill with your friends, have some drinks and snacks and have a game of golf. You can read more about the 9 hole course here.

Photo from Secret London’s website.

I hope you enjoyed this list! Tell me below some unique places you’ve found.

Vee x

How to Stay Cool in the Heatwave

How to Stay Cool in the Heatwave

I know we all feel like we’re melting and all we want to do is cool off and for it to be Winter again but slow down peeps. I love Summer and I found a few “hacks” on how we can enjoy the heat without looking like a melted snowman.


  • This may be a simple one but stay hydrated – if you don’t enjoy gulping down plain old water all day then buy some of your favourite squash to add some flavour
  • Make sure to buy yourself a fan – you can’t survive a heatwave without one
  • When you’re working in a sweaty office with no air con (like I was last year) make sure you bring your own little desk fan and some ice packs with your packed lunch – you never know when you might need them
  • Make sure you always have sun cream with you – you can get pocket sun cream to make it even easier to fit into your bag or glove compartment
  • Swap your duvet for a sheet: it’s way too hot for duvets so if you still feel like monsters are out to get you in the night, take the sheet off the duvet and sleep in that. Better yet, get yourself a fan and make a little wind tent

tent fan

  • Make sure you’ve got ice in the freezer!
  • Keep the house/flat cool by shutting all curtains and blinds so the sun doesn’t get in
  • Stay outside at night when it’s cooled down
  • Go swimming to cool off
  • Make sure you always have a water bottle handy when out and about – you don’t want to waste money or plastic
  • If you work from home or use a laptop at work then buy a fan for your laptop as well so it doesn’t overheat
  • Try to avoid hot or spicy food – now might be the time to start that salad diet!
  • It’s not just us humans that are getting hot though; think of your pets, they can’t tell you they’re too hot. Make sure not to walk your dogs in this heat, not to leave them in a car or in the garden. You can also put ice in their water bowl to cool down, dogs love licking ice. Make sure to leave water bowls outside for your dog/cat and maybe out the front of your house in case an animal needs it
  • It may sound awful but take a cold shower and let your hair dry on its own
  • It’s always time for ice lollies!
  • Make sure to wear sandals and flip flops as much as possible as well as having an umbrella or parasol because your feet and head are where all the heat gets trapped in
  • Don’t leave doors and windows open as once the warmth gets in your house will become a suntrap
  • Make sure to eat lots of fruit in order to keep hydrated e.g. watermelons, nectarines, grapes and peaches

That’s all for now folks! What are some tips/hacks you know of to keep cool in this heat? Let me know in the comments!





Review: Seeing Ricky Gervais Live

Review: Seeing Ricky Gervais Live

So yesterday Oliver and I saw Ricky Gervais live in Guildford for his warm up show.

We got last minute tickets with only two seats left but we managed to get aisel seats so win win. The warm up act was Sean McLoughlin, a London based comedian. He was quite funny, telling jokes about his fiance and millennials. I really enjoyed some of his stuff and hopefully he may be at the comedy store at some point.

Ricky, as always, was hilarious. Of course there’s the usual jokes that will part the audience but most of them I find funny because, like Ricky says, what you don’t find funny, someone else will. There’s always a demand for comedy. And for lots of different types.

This is one of Ricky’s first warm up shows for his new tour, SuperNature. As we know, Ricky is passionate about animal welfare so expect a lot of hysterical animal jokes!

It was nice to see Ricky laugh at his own jokes and be real, not just scripted like he seems to be with the odd laugh here and there. I’d much rather go and see a warm up show rather than the real thing because of how genuine he was.

I enjoy Ricky’s comedy because he’s so honest about everything and he lays it all out on the table. He doesn’t believe in God, he believes we are worm food. I agree with him and while death scares me, for a moment Ricky made it funny. That’s what life’s about: seeing the humour in every day.

I can’t wait to watch the SuperNature show on Netflix when it comes out and I was so privileged to go and see him on stage before his big tour! I hope everyone has an amazing time going to see him perform.

Guest Post: Using Social Media To Sell Guinea Pigs by Simon Holding

Guest Post: Using Social Media To Sell Guinea Pigs by Simon Holding

This week’s blog is a guest post from Simon AKA who I like to call Mr. Guinea Pig man. I’m always telling Oliver about the new babies who have arrived or what a stud Cromwell is! So without further ado, here is Simon’s guest post…

This is the second time that I have owned Guinea Pigs, the first time was way back starting in 1978…through to 1995: in that time, I had quite a few, also there was some breeding, a bit of showing in the later years and also supplying to pet shops of surplus numbers. I also sometimes had to sell them through the classified ads of the local free newspaper. That entailed putting together a few words, and posting them off with a cheque and your home phone number and awaiting a call or two…it worked, but wasn’t a perfect system – ever had a phone call from a drunk at midnight saying…”are you selling some pigs!?”

Anyway, fast forward to 2018, and with a young family we wanted some pets, and we chose Guinea Pigs. Yay. Obviously just getting a couple of them was not really something I wanted, and the plans evolved as we awaited our first four from a local breeder who I had known way back in the early 1990’s! Also I had gone into a local school where they had ‘school pets – guinea pigs’ and I had done a ‘very well received’ talk on them – and so I decided I’d like to do more of that – the benefits of being a part-time worker as well!

The long and the short of it all was that we ended up in September 2018 with 6 females and 1 male (he was a 180 mile round trip…saw him on Facebook).


You can guess the next stage we had…

Early January, our oldest two females had 8 youngsters between them – all from our male. We didn’t plan on keeping any of them, we bred so that we could breed again at a later date – and maybe keep one or two. Anyway, I wanted to try out Facebook and see what happened…

So, I took some pics of the two week old youngsters – nothing was to go until 6 weeks, but I wanted to drum up some interest. Well, I went on a few Facebook sites – they are quite strict on where you can sell. And my phone was buzzing with messages almost immediately…I was utterly amazed !! We had 4 males and 4 females, and as they were closely related, they had to go as a 2x pairs of males, and 2x pairs of females. So I basically needed 4 buyers. I actually got 8 people seriously interested – some were very happy to wait anyway, my ‘For Sale’ post was quite detailed, and they knew there were a few more on the way. The pictures of the Guinea Pigs and the parents were excellent as well.

Obviously with phones nowadays, you can instant message people, so it’s all there and so easy.

I directed all ‘interested parties’ to my blog and Instagram.

Having these sites already set up, meant that I didn’t need to let people around ‘for a look’…we are not a Petting Zoo! Once they had seen the Blog and Instagram, they knew they were coming to buy and we also insisted on a deposit to guarantee the Guinea Pigs to them. I also send them pictures and video of their Guinea Pigs while they are awaiting for ‘release date’ – I also contact them post sale to check all is ok.


The success of using Social Media to sell those original 8 in January, has been beyond our dreams, we have subsequently always had a ‘waiting list’  – and once the Guinea Pigs leave us, the new owners are recommending us to others. Also, in our local area, we seem to be the popular ‘go to’ people if there is a request to get a couple of Guinea Pigs. People genuinely don’t mind waiting for their pets. We are upfront and honest – we sell, as we’d like to buy is pretty much our tagline. The Guinea Pigs come first and last when we sell.

We sell them at £25 a pair, which is basically half-price of the local big chain pet store, but we can tell people exactly when the animals are born, their parents and the ‘buyers’ can see them all. I also have a loose arrangement with a local breeder, so I can breed using her animals, so we don’t use our male with everything. Everything we have had, has been really good. Feedback is excellent. And we don’t breed to order.

Ultimately, they are our pets – and we love them to bits!

You can follow Simon on all his socials here:

The blog: notyoumate.wordpress.com (loads of blog posts with many photos on)

Instagram: instagram.com/simongpman

A Trip to the Cat Cafe

A Trip to the Cat Cafe

So at the weekend Oliver and I went to the Cat Cafe in London as a Christmas present.

We had a lovely time meeting all the cats, although we were told that that morning someone had taped a box shut with a note saying they couldn’t keep a cat any more and left it outside. This was upsetting but the cat is being looked after in the observation room.

I got the cheapest deal so we had hot chocolates and spent most of our time finding all the cats. There’s 15 in total.

The cats were all lovely and cuddly (apart from the odd one who got annoyed!) and we ended up playing with one called Rodney for a while.

All the cats are rescue ones and are sometimes rehomed. You can even adopt the cats in the cafe to support the work Lady Dinah’s does.

This is the perfect place for any cat lover to spend time with their furry pals.

There’s a cute Alice in Wonderland theme with plenty of places for the cats to sleep, eat and play.

It’s such a peaceful and queit place to be. I would definitely go back!

Until next time, love, Vee x

Our Trip to Amsterdam

h1 {font-family: times new roman; font-size: 20pt;} h2 {font-family: times new roman; font-size: 18pt;} body {font-family: times new roman; font-size: 15pt;} Hey guys! Last week, Oliver and I were on our way to Amsterdam! We had such an amazing time and I wanted to share where we went and what we did with you. I hope you enjoy this post and let me know in the comments if you have been or are planning to go to Amsterdam.

Day One

I booked our holiday for three days and we stayed at the Ramada Airport Schiphol hotel which was a ten minute drive from the hotel and we had a free shuttle service to and from. It was a little way out of the centre of Amsterdam but there was a supermarket close by which meant we could buy all our drinks and some food at cheaper prices. You can get the train from the airport directly to the city centre and it takes around 20 minutes.

Our flight landed at around 8am so we had a whole day and checked in to our hotel to drop off our bags. We then headed back to the airport and caught the train into the centre. On our first day, we went to the sex museum, which was funny and interesting and maybe a little embarrassing! It’s only five euros each. After that we took a wander around and had some lunch at McDonald’s before making our way to Jordaan and the flower markets. We did a lot of walking so I recommend catching the tram or Metro! We also purchased a three day travel card from the airport which was around twenty-eight euros each and covered us for all trains, trams, metro and ferries.

We had a look at The Cat Boat, a little boat full of stray cats and then we walked all the way back to Dam Square and went to Ripley’s Believe it or Not. I recommend looking at offers before going because we made the mistake of buying a full ticket when we could have had another tour for the same price. Ripley’s was quite fun and we were there for Pride week and they were allowing people to marry for one day only so it was lovely seeing all the couples getting married!

We then walked all the way back to the Anne Frank House and had dinner at Pancakes Amsterdam, which is just across from Anne Frank. We recommend using your card more than bringing cash as we ate there three times and they don’t accept cash but give you the option to pay in pounds so you don’t have to pay an exchange rate. The pancakes are delicious and you get a little key ring souvenir each time you go.

We booked the 6pm slot to visit the Anne Frank House and it was the most inspiring experience; you can’t go to Amsterdam without visiting. There was a screaming baby which ruined the experience slightly, but seeing the attic, where she lived, was insane. The experience made me quite emotional and we must have been there for over an hour. You get to use headsets which tell you more in detail about the way the Franks lived and what happened to them.

Day Two

On day two, all rested from the day before, we made our way out into the city early and visited Noord on the ferry. We saw online that there was a place called A’dam Lookout. It’s a tall building which has a swing that swings you over the edge, so of course Oliver wanted to try it. We booked our slot and for around forty euros we went upstairs and looked around as the sights from up there were incredible. We should have bought the ticket that included lunch though as we both had paninis.

The swing, Over the Edge, was scary but an experience I’m glad I didn’t miss. We made our way back downstairs and onto the ferry which departs around every six minutes and it’s also free.

We then made our way to the smallest pub in Amsterdam (from the TV advert), the smallest house and the smallest cafe, where we went to have a drink.

In the evening we headed over to the Red Light District and visited the Erotic Museum which was about seven euros each. It has some of John Lennon’s drawings, a weird cartoon program and lots of sex toys. We also visited the Prostitution Museum which is a few buildings down and that was around eleven euros each. You get a headset to listen to a prostitute’s story and you get to visit the brothel. The end was the best part because everyone writes their sex confessions and sticks them on the wall! 
We went to the Pancake place again to kill time so it would get dark so we could see the Red Light District at night. It was weird seeing prostitutes in the windows and seeing all the guilty men coming out at only 9pm. It was interesting to see and I definitely recommend going at night when it’s so busy.

Day Three

We had pretty much done everything we wanted to do and see so we headed off to the airport to drop off our luggage (only six euros each on card if you’re taking hand luggage). We wanted to visit Artis Zoo so we took the Metro. It was around fifty euros for both of us to get in and it was quite a large zoo. They have everything from elephants to insects, reptiles to penguins and wolves. I definitely recommend a visit if you have time and it only takes a few hours to go around, depending on what you want to see.

We then made our way to the pancake place again where I had american pancakes with bacon and maple syrup (oh my God it was so good). By the time we had finished, it was already time to go!

I think three days was enough for Oliver and I, but it depends on what you like to do. If you’re an art freak or museum nut, then you might need longer, but if you’re like us and want to do little museums and attractions, then you won’t need long at all.

Until next time, love Vee x

Getting To Know Me

Well, hi. I guess this is my first blog post. So here it goes…

I thought I would make my first blog post about me and what I enjoy/do so that you can get a feel for my writing and who I am.

My name is Vada, I’m 17 and I enjoy writing. Obviously. I have a weird arse hamster called Alice who can bite her way out of plastic cages. I drink tea like a fish and my ambition is to become a published writer/editor/owner of 1000 dogs. I’m in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend, Oliver who I’ve been with for 2 years. (I’ll be writing more about ways to cope in a long distance relationship and what me and Oli are up to.)

My boyfriend lives nearly 200 miles away and I have to get the train to his and he drives here fortnightly. Long distance is hard but we are stronger than the distance between us. We enjoy watching new series together, going to the local garden centre to see guinea pigs (yes, I drag him there), going to London, travelling together and making rude and inappropriate nicknames for each other.

I enjoy reading romantic novels and writing even more romantic novels. I’m currently writing my first novel that I’m determined to finish!! (I will also be writing book reviews and letting you guys know what’s going on.)

I’m a soppy git and love to watch Bridget Jones on a loop even though I can be a sarcastic and rude arse.

I’m a massive Taylor Swift fan and I’m dying to meet her. I also have an Instagram fan account, I know, I know, I’m a big kid. But feel free to follow me if you’re a fellow Swiftie. My account is: @Pastel.swift

I collect stuffed animals (mostly Oli buys me these and there’s no room on my bed for us now) and watch FRIENDS, Gilmore Girls and Buffy. My taste in TV is quite varied and one minute I’m watching Lorlei and Rory talk about guy troubles and the next I’m watching Buffy stake vampires in the heart.

I can usually be found nibbling away at some chocolate bar or baked good in my room with Netflix streaming. So that sums me up; I’m a chocoholic with a love for dogs, writing and guinea pigs.

You can also follow me on social media:
Instagram: @readycupcake

I hope you will come along on this journey with me and we’ll see where it takes us…