20 Pieces of Advice for Turning 20

20 Pieces of Advice for Turning 20

Hey guys, so in two weeks time I’m turning 20. I was terrified because I’m really going to miss my teens and it’s sinking in that this whole adulting thing is happening. I asked Twitter users what their advice would be to their younger selves when they turned 20 and I felt inspired to share some of these with you. The response has been amazing. So here are 20 pieces of advice for anyone turning 20!

1. Not everyone has to like you

Meganne said “It’s okay if someone doesn’t like you. You don’t need to kill yourself over trying to make everyone like you! At the end of the day, loving yourself is more important than anyone else’s approval.”

2. Enjoy your freedom

Roxanne said “Don’t commit to everything too early! You don’t need a forever home yet. Get a cheap flat and spend your money on the experiences you may not have time, money or freedom for later.”

3. It’s never too late

Liz said “It’s great if wonderful life-changing things happen in your 20s, BUT – it’s also okay if they don’t!! You aren’t old! I spent a lot of my 20s thinking it was too late for me and I’d never change or accomplish anything & then my 30s hit and BAM – everything happened. There’s time.”


4. It’s not your job to fix others

Dannie replied “It is not my job to fix other people, especially people who treat me badly. Walking away doesn’t make me a bad person, and it’s not selfish to have wants and needs of my own.

It’s okay to have an opinion. I don’t have to apologize all the time. I’m allowed to take up space.”

5. Don’t rush

Alyssa said “That you do not have to rush everything! So much pressure is put on young people to have their shit together. Do what you love, focus on happiness and not wealth.”

6. Don’t forget to live

Eclipsa replied “Don’t pressure yourself into “growing up.” Don’t compare yourself to others (especially when it comes to careers, status and achievements). You have your own pace, own time. Love what you do. Live in the now but don’t forget to look forward to tomorrow.”

7. Don’t overwork yourself

The Hamster Ball said “Do not ever overwork yourself. Burning out in the early 20’s can cost you the very career you’re working towards. Work hard but protect your mind and body at all costs. 😘”

8. Don’t take anything for granted

Tessa: “Don’t take your health for granted. Things rarely go the way you want to. Especially long term plans. Be flexible.”


9. Always do the right thing

John said “Integrity matters. Always do the right thing. You know what it is. If you feel the need to ask someone, “Hey, do you think it’s a good idea for me to …” — then you already know the answer.”

10. Live every day like it’s your last

Lucifer’s sidekick replied: “Live every day as if it’s one of your last. Regret nothing. Treat people with respect. And just always remember, this life is the only one you get, it’s not a practice run for the real thing. One life, live it and enjoy.

11. Family don’t always know what’s best for you

Fandom Magick: “Family is not always right and, sometimes, you learn that their desires/designs are more important to them than your own growth. Don’t let others dictate your life for you.”

12. Don’t waste your time on worrying

Kathryn said “Your 20s are likely to be just as emotionally and personally turbulent as your teens, but with adulting on top. Don’t waste time worrying though – your time is now, your dreams are waiting for you, and if you don’t go for it you may miss your chance forever. Do it. Do it now.”


13. Don’t resist routine

Myk said “Routine is your invisible handle on an uncertain world, don’t resist it, lean into the certainty of knowing what you’re supposed to be doing.
Then use that solid grounding to launch yourself towards what you want to be.”

14. Don’t compare yourself to others

Laura replied “Don’t compare yourself to people! Just because someone is married, has a masters, or a house doesn’t mean their life is perfect by any means.”

15. Always travel when you can

Liann says “Travel every chance you get. Don’t miss opportunities to experience life because you’re in a rush to graduate and get into the “real world.” It’s all real, and travel will give you more perspective than 20 textbooks or 20 years in an office job.”


16. Life does get better

Kirstie said “That things WILL get better. My early 20s were rough but I wish I knew and believed that.”

17. Life is a journey

Finding the fearless life replied: “Life is a journey. You will continue to change and grow. When life seems to hit hard, and it will at times, just know you will get through it. And all the other struggles that you may face.”

18. No one has it figured out

Sam says: “Just because someone is older than you doesn’t mean they have it “figured out.” We all don’t know what we are doing! So do what you want to do. Don’t let other’s opinions stop you. ❤”


19. It’s not weak to ask for help

Andrea said “💙 It’s not weak to ask for help.
💙 Just because people have plans for you doesn’t mean those are the plans for you. (If that makes any sense 😂)
💙 Learn better spending habits young, it’ll save you later.”

20. Never say no to new opportunities

Memory Drone replied “To never say no to something I had never tried before from food, sport, activity as it may turn out you love it that much it becomes part of your life and imagine having a life full to the brim of things that we love.”


Does anyone else just want to hang these tweets on a wall and look at them each day for motivation, because I sure as hell do. A huge thank you to everyone who took part, you have made this nervous girl a little less anxious!