We all have slumps with reading and writing but what about blogging? Sometimes it’s just impossible to find the right topic to cover because you think it’s been overdone and you don’t think your voice will be heard. But here’s a list of ideas on how to find inspiration for your blog posts.


Everyone uses Pinterest to look at pretty photos, admit it. We all see beautiful gowns or food that we want to make but never will. Well, Pinterest isn’t entirely useless. I use it to get inspiration for any blog posts. Sometimes I’ll see other people’s blog posts and think I could do something similar on that topic or I’ll see a photo or quote that inspires me to write.


Blog Posts

Sometimes I’ll just Google “blog post ideas” to see what comes up. There are some great ideas out there for every niche so you’ll never be short of ideas! You can also find some great blog post ideas on Pinterest because people know you’ll look for them there.

Ask Twitter

Then we have the Twitter Gods. They are the answer to our prayers. Ask your followers what they want to see more of on your blog. After all, they are your readers so why not give them what they ask for? (Unless it’s something creepy.) Alternatively, ask your friends or family what they think you should write about; you never know, your mum or dad might actually have a worthwhile suggestion.



Sometimes, we just have to make ourselves sit there and think “what would I want to read about?” to get the juices flowing. Sit down with a notepad and list all the things you’re interested in. It doesn’t have to be logical or fit in with your niche if you have one. Just write phrases, quotes, topics, anything. You’ll find a topic to cover in the mess of ideas.


I hope these ideas helped you! Until next time, love, Vee x


3 thoughts on “How To Find Inspiration For Blog Posts

  1. So trueee… Sometimes you just feel that there is no need… but you don’t have to be an original creator and thinker all the time… Just open the laptop and start typing… You will be surprised at the turnout

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